App Configuration Flow

To ensure a smooth and efficient configuration process, we request the following information using the form provided by your Account Manager. This will enable us to complete the initial configuration and set up your platform, allowing you to begin building your first event.

Please make sure to fill out all the required fields and provide accurate information. This will help us tailor the platform to your specific requirements and ensure a seamless experience for you and your participants.


For more information about the event setup page on the Grip dashboard, please refer to this article for detailed instructions and guidance.


Below you can find detailed information about the fields we require:

App Name:

Your Grip Application is the individual instance of Grip that you will use to house all of your events.

Event Name / Display Name:

The name of your event as it appears on the Grip platform. This name is utilized within your event itself, as well as in custom and automated emails dispatched from the platform. It's important to note that modifying the event name may have repercussions in other sections as well. For further information on the potential impacts of changing the event name, please refer to the article provided here. 

System Name:

The system name is derived from the event name by removing any special characters. It is used for backend functionality and forms part of your event's URL. If you have configured a custom URL domain, the format will be It's important to note that the system name cannot be changed once it is set, and any updates made to the event name on the Grip dashboard will not be reflected in the system name or event URL.

The 'System Name' is used for technical elements of the event. This approach allows the display name to be used multiple times, but the System Name must always remain unique.

App Logo:

The app logo is an important visual element that will be displayed across all of your events as a notification badge. It will appear in the browser or next to any notifications that users receive on their mobile devices. To ensure optimal display and compatibility, please adhere to the following specifications when providing the app logo:

  • Format: PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  • Dimensions: 1024 pixels by 1024 pixels
  • Shape: Square with no rounded corners
  • Layers: Flattened with no transparency

App Languages:

Please specify any additional platform languages you have purchased and would like to have enabled for the first event. Please note that these languages will be enabled at the app level which means that will be available for all your events under that application. If you don’t require extra language for one of the events please don’t fill in translations in the Grip dashboard.

Event Start Date:

The date when your event event programming begins. This information is crucial for setting up all the necessary support functions for your event.

Event End Date:

The date your event programming ends. This information is crucial for setting up all the necessary support functions for your event.

Event Timezone:

For virtual events, please specify the timezone in which the backend of your event should be configured. This ensures that your event dashboard is set in the correct timezone, allowing you to configure the rest of your event accurately.

Event Venue Country:

For in-person or hybrid events, please provide the country in which your event is taking place.

Event Venue City:

For in-person or hybrid events, please provide the city in which your event is taking place.

Target Launch Date:

The date on which you plan to invite your event participants to log in to your Grip event for the first time. This information is crucial for setting up all the necessary delivery and support functions to ensure a successful event experience.

Grip Academy Access Email:

To enroll your team in Grip Academy, we require a valid email address to create profiles on our learning platform. It is recommended to use a group inbox email, such as or Please provide us with the preferred email address for your team's profile on Grip Academy. This will ensure that your team members have access to the platform and can fully benefit from the available learning resources.

By providing the requested information, you will enable us to configure your Grip platform according to your specifications and ensure a successful event experience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you throughout the configuration process.