How to Create a "Thing" from the Organiser Dashboard

Besides being able to create a Thing (i.e. a visitor, exhibitor, vip, etc) through the API or CSV Uploader, it is also possible to create individual users straight from the dashboard. The article below explains how this can be done for a Thing. In this case will use a Visitor as an example. 

1. Select the correct Application and Event

2. Go to the Visitor section in the side navigation bar

3. Press the Create Visitor button in the top right

4. Fill out the profile details (Name, Email and Registration ID are required). The email and registration ID are the credentials that the visitor need in order to sign into our platform.

5. Optionally, go to the E-mail section in the side navigation bar to send a single welcome e-mail to the user you have just created

Well done! You created your first user via the Grip Dashboard.
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