Onboarding steps

In this article we will explain to you how to onboard the networking platform, fill in your personal profile, company profile and create a team to network as a team.

1. You should have received an email inviting you to login and start networking.

If you haven't received this email email us at support@grip.events

2. Click on the button "Start Networking" in the email to access the networking platform

3. Click on "Claim Account" 

4. Choose a password, enter twice and click on "Create Account"

5. One of the first will be to go through the platform on-boarding, here are the different steps:

a. You can decide to use your Facebook or LinkedIn profile to pre-fill your personal information: Firstname, Lastname, Picture and Title - to connect simply click on the preferred social link and login, if you do not wish to connect using social media click "Next"

b. Next step is confirming your preferences, that will enable our Ai to refine your recommendations to match your networking goals. Click on each questions fields and add on your preferred choices.

6. Update your personal profile in just a few steps

a. Click on the tab "Profile" on the top right corner

b. Upload a profile picture

  1. Click on the pen icon
  2. Choose a picture from your desktop/computer
  3. Save the picture you uploaded 
  4. Save your overall profile

c. Fill-out empty fields with your information:

  • Headline: click on the field and type a sentence that presents you or your company
  • Job title: click on the field and type your job title
  • Company: click on the field and type your company name
  • Location: click on the field and type your company location
  • Summary: click on the field and type a company or profile summary

Once you have done all of this save on the top right corner!

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