My email address is not recognized. How do I proceed?

The networking platform is exclusively available for people registered for the event that is using our platform. There are several reasons why your email might not be recognized:

Reason Solution
You have not registered yet.
Visit the event website and register for the event.
You registered within the last 59 Minutes.
New registrants will typically gain access within 60 minutes of having registered.
Your email address is not unique.
The networking platform requires unique email addresses for every event participant. Contact the event organiser to make sure your email is unique and not used by other event participants such as colleagues.
You are an Exhibitor/Sponsor.
Each Exhibitor and Sponsor is required to register all their staff using the organiser's Event Management Platform. Contact the organiser or your Main Contact Person to get yourself registered.
Other Contact if you have tried all the above options.
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