Grip’s Response to COVID-19

The event industry is at the sharp end of the disruption caused by COVID-19. 

During these challenging times, we have seen several events get postponed or cancelled. 

To help event organisers deliver value to visitors and exhibitors during these challenging times, Grip has launched a feature which enables users to have their scheduled meetings in virtual meeting rooms.

Video: Grip - Virtual Meeting Rooms

We feel that this will help give our clients a way to deliver on one of the fundamental reasons people attend events - to network. 

In this article, we will cover three scenarios: 

  1. The event is postponed
  2. The event is cancelled
  3. The event is happening as planned

Under each scenario is a step by step guide you can follow to enable virtual meeting rooms at your event. 

Scenario 1: The Event is Postponed

Should your event be postponed, we recommend the following actions: 

Step 1: Request a meeting with your CSM/PM

Have you already got a new event date in mind? Are you considering offering your event goers the option to have virtual meetings during the current event dates? 

You can discuss these items in more detail with your CSM/PM.

Step 2: Moving your event and meeting dates in Grip

We will move the event & meeting dates to the new dates as directed by the event organiser.

Step 3: Event agenda

We will remove the event agenda from the event and then import the new event programme for the next event.

Step 4: Updating your event details

We will send you a list of assets we need from you such as new event banners etc. 

Step 5: Get advice from your legal team 

  • Should we keep user data on the platform during the period between the old and new event? 
  • How should you talk about Covid-19?

Step 6: Enable virtual meeting rooms

Should you wish to enable virtual meeting rooms during the current event dates and times, it is important to keep the following scenarios in mind:

  • Exhibitors/Sponsors/Attendees may want to pull out from the event because they can no longer make the new dates 
    • Discuss with your legal team the impact of offering virtual meetings on the exhibitor, sponsor and attendee payment terms and conditions
    • Brief your sales team on virtual meeting rooms, this will be critical to their discussions with their clients
  • Your clients' have meetings that they do not want to cancel
    • Offer them the option to have their meetings virtually

Step 7: Communication Options

Work with your Customer Success Manager to create a communication plan for your audience.

Scenario 2: The Event is Cancelled 

Should the event be cancelled, event organisers have the option to allow any scheduled meetings to take place by enabling virtual meeting rooms.

It is also worth considering using tools such as Slido/Gliser etc. to proceed with your event agenda.

Should the event be cancelled, we recommend the following actions: 

Step 1: Request a meeting with your CSM/PM 

Discuss the virtual meeting room option and the set up you would like to use. 


  • Virtual meetings only (managed via Grip)
  • Virtual meetings (managed via Grip) & event agenda delivered virtually (managed via 3rd party webinar tools)

Step 2: Communications plan 

Work with your Customer Success Manager to create a communication plan for your audience.

Here is a great example from ITB Berlin:

Step 4: Event configuration

Work with your PM to configure the event accordingly.

Scenario 3: The Event is Happening as Planned 

Be mindful that some people do not wish to interact with others in person. You may need to give users the option to conduct their scheduled meetings virtually. 

Recovery Time Objective 

The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the targeted duration of time that it will take for us to carry out this service amid Covid-19.

The Recovery Time Objective will be established on a case-by-case basis. 

The Recovery Time Objective will take into account the following factors: 

  • Dates of the event
  • Whether the event is being cancelled or postponed
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