Live Streaming / Webinar technologies

FList of live streaming technologies worth considering for organisers. Grip will provide an iframe on its web platform and mobile app that can be used to directly link to a stream of each session.

Provider Link Available for embedding
LiveWebinar Yes
CrowdCast Yes
BlueSky by Freeman Yes
InConf Yes
Stream7 Yes
Glisser Yes
Youtube Yes - Guide Here
Vimeo Yes - not session chat
SilverStream Yes 
Big Marker Yes (Audio&Video Only)
BlueJeans Yes (Audio&Video Only)
Zoom Yes (SDK Integration) 
GoToStage/GoToWebinar Yes (Audio&Video Only) - Guide Here
RTMP Stream
Through Grip's Vimeo Livestream account Yes


Not Available for Embedding
Microsoft Teams

Standard Embed Example 

Below is an example of a 'standard' embed on the Grip platform. In this case, the video is streamed from Youtube. 

Large Embed Example 

For platforms that offer other functionality such as slides, Q&A, notes and downloads we offer a 'large' embed that gives more space to the embedded solution.

Full-Screen Example 

In either case, the user can choose to go full screen, giving the full page to the embedded streaming solution. It will be possible to have the Grip Session Chat sit alongside the embedded solution in the future.

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