How to set Min and Max limit for Preferences

In this  article,   we will explain how to add a maximum and minimum limit for the preferences per event. 


In order to configure the preferences for the Hosted Buyer experience; you have to create the Groups that are going to be part of the Hosted Buyer experience first. 

To set Min and Max for the preferences; 

1- Click on the Hosted Buyer 

2- In the Pre-event Configuration section; add the groups that you would like to be part of the Hosted Buyer experience. 

3-  Click on "Configure" next to the group's name

4- On the new window: go to  "Action Max Limits"  & "Action Minimum Limits" section and set a  max & min limit for each preference against the other groups.

***If you do not want to restrict the number of max actions a user can take on each group, please set it to -1.

***If you do not want to add a suggested minimum number of actions a user should take on each group, please set it to 0. Minimum limits will be suggested to the user but will not prevent any functionality if not met.

Well done! You've now set a Min and Max limited for the preferences. If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach out to us on

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