How to edit Calendar Availability per type/per user

In this article, we'll explain how as an Admin you can edit calendar availability for the Grip Hosted Buyer Solution from the Grip Dashboard. 

Please note that if an attendee has set their availability, then an event organiser changes the slot length (ie from 30 mins/slot to 15 mins/slot) it will cause issues with the availability of that attendee, therefore once slot length has been designated it is highly advisable to not change it. 

Calendar availability in the Grip Hosted Buyer Solution is activated and editable for all the users by default. If you would like to turn off and edit this function: 

1- Click on the  "App configuration & Special action" 

2- In the "Configure App Permissions" section: you will see all the types active for your event

3- Click on "Edit"

On the new window; you can either set the platform for the relevant type to be able to : 

4- Edit own availability calendar or;  In this section, add/edit the type that you would them to be able to see and edit their availability 

5- Can view own availability calendar: In this section, add/edit that you would like them only to be able to view their availability. Organisers often select this; when they book activities in the users' profile on their behalf. 

6- Save

You can also do this through the "Type Setting" > "Permissions" section: 

1- Click on the "Type Setting"

2- Click on "Permissions"

3- On the new window; scroll down to the "Availability" section: you can name manage this section as described above. 

You can also manage a specific user's calender availability on their behalf on the dashboard: 

Now on the new window, you can edit the availability for the user on his/her behalf: 

You may find the following article useful: How to manage your meeting availability in the web platform

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