Wave by Grip (Speed Networking Sessions)

Wave by Grip (Speed Networking Sessions) 

Wave is a new feature in Grip Virtual offering that leverages virtual meetings as a way to rapidly increase value and return on time for attendees by enabling them taking part in multiple automatically generated 1-1 meetings during a single session. 

Virtual networking held outside of the event should blend in the day to day life of people rather than require a full day spent in the meeting room. This is due to the less initial time & effort investment than in the physical event, shorter attention spans in non-face to face meetings and overall lack of time pressure. Wave sessions allow maximizing the networking value in time.

Wave Session Flow

Flow of Wave Sessions

Wave session consists of three phases:

  • Preferences selection

Each attendee who joins the session will display a list of all other attendees. For each he will be able to provide Interested or Skip swipes. 

  • Reviewing the schedule

Based on attendees preferences, Grip's Scheduling Engine will generate list of 1-1 meetings for each attendee.

  • Meetings

When the session starts, each attendee will get access to speed networking interface where he will be able to connect with other attendees via virtual meeting rooms. The entire flow of switching virtual meetings is automated so that it doesn't require any additional action from the user beyond opening the speed networking room.

Please note - Speed networking overwrites data permissions.


Speed Networking Only

1. Go to: Dashboard -> Event Program -> Create a Speed Networking Session

2. On the create Wave Session modal provide basic session details: 

  • Type 
  • Name 
  • Description 
  • Time Start 
  • Track 
  • Attendees limit
  • External Links

3. Provide Wave specific settings

  • Meeting Generation Time

A time when meetings between attendees will be generated. It should be set at least 10 minutes before session starts. 

  • Number of meetings 

How many meetings should be scheduled for each attendee?

  • Meeting Length 

How long should each meeting take?

  • Buffer Time

Break between each meeting when attendee can feedback their meetings and access profile of the next person he meets. 

  • Countdown Time

When the meeting is about to end, the countdown timer will be displayed. Time before end of the meeting is configurable.

Recommended set up:

  • Always 5 minute meetings
  • Maximum of 5 meetings per Wave
  • Always 60 second countdown
  • Always 15 second buffer time
  • Always with a limit of 200 attendees

Speed Networking with Live Stream

1. On Create Wave modal change type to `Live Stream followed by Speed Networking`

2. Time Start of the session indicates the start of the Live Stream part of the session.

3.  Provide Live Stream link. Only embedded Live Stream is available for this type.

4. Provide start time for speed networking meetings. This field indicates when the first speed-networking meeting will start.

5. Meeting generation time is automatically set to 10 minutes before speed networking starts. Therefore if speed networking starts 10 minutes after the session start, then meetings will be generated at the beginning of the session.

6. It is possible to add optional Additional LiveStream Time at the End of the stream. When value provided then the stream will be displayed right after last speed networking meeting in the full-size meeting mode.

** For this type of Speed Networking sessions, meetings will be generated only for users viewing the live session. To qualify user as a viewer of the session when he has added session to their schedule and he meets one of the following criteria:

1. The user opened the session details between the start of the session and meeting generation time.

2. The user opened the session details page up to 1 hour before the session start and hasn't closed it before the session start.Recording of a wave session: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TKNND6VM7tqrlNxxbq6RZGvy7eLUruHV/view?usp=sharing


The livestream starts at 2pm with a webinar, speed networking is set to start at 2:45pm, with 2 meetings of 10 minutes.
Attendees can swipe interested/skip on people from the moment they add it to their schedule (days before the session) up until 2:35pm.

At 2:35pm, preferences stops, our algorithms kick in and the meetings are generated, ready to start at 2:45.

As an organiser you have to make sure that at 2:45; you stop their webinar and people go off to their speed networking meetings, direct from the session page.

At 2:55, the two meetings are over and the organiser could have some more live stream to give closing remarks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of people that need to be included in the Wave?

No, as long as there are a minimum of two users in the Wave, and neither has swiped ‘not interested’, then meetings will be generated. Should either user swipe‘ not interested’ on the other user - then a meeting can't be generated. 

Is there a minimum number of “swipes” (Skip, Interested) that need to be made between participants in order for meetings to take place?

No, but where there are no 'interested' swipes, meetings will be of a lower average quality as it is harder to know who would be interested in meeting whom.

Is the minimum amount of swipes per individual participant, or is this an overall minimum for all participants?

There is no minimum requirement, but higher numbers of 'interested' swipes will benefit the user and can also benefit users who have not swiped.

If a user hasn’t swiped anyone can meetings still be generated?

Yes. The the only times when meetings can't be generated is when ‘not interested’ swipes takes place, as it stops users from meeting and/or there are no users available to meet.

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