How to Embed a Glisser Session in Grip Virtual

This article explains how to embed a Glisser Session in Grip. 

Please note: 

  • Grip automatically adds /<email> on every Glisser URL. There is no extra set up needed for a Glisser silent login
  • Please direct questions about Glisser functionality and branding to your Glisser Customer Success Manager.

In The Glisser Dashboard

1. Create Glisser Session in the Glisser Dashboard

2. Get the Glisser Session link from one of these places: 

  • The first slide of Preset Mode on Glisser

In the Grip Dashboard

3. Paste the URL in the session detail page under the "Live Streaming" for an upcoming session or "Video Recording" for past session.

Please make sure you include https:// in front of the Glisser URL.
Not clear enough? Read this article for more detail on how to create a session on Grip.

Audience Layout

As a default, all of the sessions in Glisser are created in the flexible format. 

Flexible is Glisser's original responsive approach which switches between desktop, mobile landscape and mobile portrait view depending on the device resolution and orientation. 

Landscape would lock your session in a desktop view. 

Portrait will display the mobile portrait view and will default to video rather than slides (if you have both a live stream and slide content). 

For a consistent view when integrating Glisser, you may opt to use the portrait layout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure that Grip is correctly performing a "Silent Login" with Glisser?
This happens automatically, there is no additional set up required on Grip.

Glisser is showing the "Portrait" mode resulting in the Q&A and Polling being cut-off on Grip, how do I fix this?
Go into the Glisser dashboard and disable switching to Portrait Mode. If this is not clear, speak to your Glisser Customer Success Manager.

Additional Guidance

For additional guidance please see Glisser's support article

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