Whitelisting Grip domains

Content from 3rd party providers that need to be shown within Grip (in an iframe) must allow the following domains frame ancestor access.

This list of domains should also be checked and whitelisted if access problems are reported in certain corporate network environments.

The domains are:

1. Grip Domains: *.grip.events, *.gripevents.com.cn, *.intros.at
If a wildcard whitelist is not possible then the following:
demo-matchmaking.grip.eventsstaging-matchmaking.grip.eventstest-matchmaking.grip.eventsmatchmaking.grip.event, matchmaking-cdn.grip.events, matchmaking.gripevents.com.cn, frame.grip.events, zoom.grip.events, zoom.grip.events, api.intros.at, api-prod.intros.at

2. Grip Partner Domains: <br>*.whereby.com, *.arena.im, *.glisser.com, *.tokbox.com, *.opentok.com

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