How to embed video via Youtube, Vimeo or Glisser on your profile

How to add embedded video on your profile?

The event organizer can enable attendees to provide links to Youtube or Vimeo videos, that would be enabled on their profiles:Steps for enabling profile videos: 

Steps to enable profile Videos

1. Go to Edit Profile page and find Video URL (embedded on the profile) field: 

2. Click on the field and provide a link to your video, Note, that Grip accepts only embeddable Youtube or Vimeo links. This is the following format: or Scroll down for instructions on how to get these.

How to embed Youtube on a Grip Profile

1. Find your video on Youtube and click on the Share button

2. Click Embed on the window that will show up

3. Copy the highlighted part of the code (the link between quotation marks):

4. Paste the link in your profile

Note that to embed the video it must be either Public or Unlisted - Private videos cannot be embedded.

How to embed Vimeo on a Grip Profile

1. Find your video on Vimeo and click on the Share button

2. Copy the highlighted part of the code (the link between the quotation marks):

3. Paste the link in your profile

How to embed Glisser on a Grip Profile

1. The Glisser link to embed can be found in the Glisser dashboard either from the session tile or from the session details on the side bar.

2. Either from the Organiser Dashboard or from the Profile in Teams, add the Glisser Link in the field "Video URL (Embedded on Profile)" 

3. Once this is completed you'll be able to see the Glisser Virtual Booth with extended height to show slides, downloads and other links on the profile.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Glisser Virtual Booth

Does the Glisser Virtual Booth capture the email address of the viewer?
Yes, Grip automatically performs a silent login with Glisser as we do with Sessions.

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