Arena Chats moderation

Arena chats moderation

This article consists of two parts: 

* Overview of Arena chats moderation functionality

* How to handle external users invitations

 How to access chats moderation in Arena

1. Go to Arena Dashboard and choose the appropriate Site

2. Open page Engagement and Select Chat

3. You will display a list of all chats created in the site. Chats are named using following format: ` <applicationID><EventID><LocationID>

4. Open the chat that you want to edit or moderate.

Arena Moderation Functionalities

1. When you open the chat you will have access to the following functions: 

  • Pre-moderation

Premoderation setting means that users' messages will be displayed in the chat only upon acceptance by the moderator. Setting can be enabled in Grip Dashboard. All messages for pre-moderation will be displayed in the left side block. Admin can accept, reject or accept a message with a reply. 

  • Send messages as moderator

In the middle block, all chat message will be displayed. Moderator can send his own messages using this block. Moderator user will be displayed with `mod` tag.

  • Reply to messages as moderator

Moderator can send replies to messages of users

  • Ban users

Users can be banned in Arena dashboard as well as in Grip Dashboard. In order to delete user from all chats in the event though Grip Dashboard, go to the thing details page and click button `Ban user from Session Chats`

  • Delete messages
  • Display reported messages and banned users

Chat users can report other users for inappropriate behaviour. In order to display reported users go to the Moderation tab.

On the tab, you can also display all banned users and unban them.

How to invite external chat moderators to

Most of the chats will be moderated directly by clients. It is possible to invite external users to Arena dashboard, yet it's crucial to follow up these steps:

1. Go to and open settings page as an admin.

2. Find appropriate site on the list and click the `Invite` icon.

3. Choose role `Client Moderator`. Provide client's email. Make sure that the correct site and organization are chosen. Send Invite.

4. The client will receive an invitation email. He will be able to create an account and login to Arena dashboard

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