GoToWebinar & GoToStage Embedding on Grip

GoToWebinar is a commonly used webinar tool that has the ability to be embedded in Grip.

While not as flawless as for example Zoom, Vimeo, Youtube, Stream7 or other custom Media Players it's an option worth exploring that already have an existing relationship with GoToWebinar. 

In this article we'll describe how to embed GoToWebinar through using GoToStage and how to set it up. 

How To Integrate GoToStage/GoToWebinar

  1. In order to embed your GoToWebinar, You'll have to use GoToStage by adding your Webinars to a "Channel".
    1. Learn more about GoToStage
    2. Add your Video's to a GoToStage Channel.
  2. Embedding your GoToStage link inside the Grip session
    1. The link to embed into Grip will look like this:
    2. Embed the link as the LiveStreaming link on the Session in the Grip dashboard as explained here
  3. You'll now see the GoToWebinar session inside of the Grip Platform: 

Limitations of GoToWebinar/GoToStage Integration

  • There is significant clutter around the embedded video such as a description, top bar, chat box and several other parts. You can disable most of it inside your GoToWebinar dashboard.
  • The user, on the very first GoToWebinar session they can join has to sign in we cannot disable this :( the user can simply enter an first name, last name and email as explained here. This is not something that we can disable.
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