How to embed Zoom Webinar in Grip

Zoom & Grip Integration

Zoom SDK integration is now Live on Grip Web-Networking platform. It allows event organisers for using two of the Zoom products as embedded session live-streams & recordings: Zoom Webinars and Zoom Meetings. Below you will find steps of enabling them in Grip Dashboard.

Zoom Webinars

1. Schedule a webinar on the Zoom Platform 

You can enable all Webinar settings EXCEPT:

  • Required registration
  • Only authenticated users can join

2. Copy the link to join Webinar from Zoom `Manage Webinar` page

3. Create a new session in Grip Dashboard and paste the link as embedded live stream link

4. The embedded webinar will be now available on the session details page. Before a host starts the webinar, users will display the following message:

 5. Once the webinar is started, users will be able to join.

  • Zoom features: Q&AChat and Raise Hand will be available for Grip users.
  • The polling feature is currently not supported on the embedded webinars.*

6. Grip attendees names and emails will be passed over to Zoom and available in the Zoom attendance reports.

Zoom Meetings

1. Create a Zoom Meeting

2. Copy the meeting invitation link

3. Paste it into the session as embedded live stream link

4. The meeting will be embedded on the session page

Zoom Features available in the integration

List of supported Zoom features in Web SDK integration across browsers:

Limitations with Zoom 

  • Breakout rooms feature is not supported in the Zoom integration
  • The polling feature is currently not supported on the embedded webinars
  • Multiuser grid view is currently not supported inside of our platform
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