Multi-user Meetings

This article will explain how Multi-user meetings can be set up in the Dashboard. More information on General Meeting Settings & Locations can be viewed here. Information relating Multi-user meetings for the web-networking platform can be viewed here.

The following steps are needed to have a Multi-user meeting.

1. Enable Multi-user meeting option

In order to enable the Multi-user meeting option for each event, please follow the steps below:

  • On the sidebar, click on dashboard > meetings > settings.

  • Once the meetings settings tab has been selected, under "Other Settings", the Does this event allow multi-user meetings? option needs to be enabled. By enabling this setting, Whereby rooms will automatically have a limit of 50 participants. (This setting can only be disabled if no multi-user meetings have been created in the event.)

2. Invite Additional Participants

Once the 'Admin' user enables Multi-user meetings on the dashboard and a meeting has already been set up, the user will have visibility of all meeting attendees and their acceptance status under the " Recipient(s)" list in the Meetings List page. More information on how to set up meetings can be viewed here.

The user needs to click on ‘ Invite additional participants’ button to invite new participants to the meeting.

Once the button has been clicked, a new option will appear allowing the user to search for a max of 10 additional participants, per invite, which will also need to include a message as part of the invite. In order to send the invite to recipients, the user needs to click on " Invite".

3. Manage Users Multi-user Meetings Status

Unlike regular one-to-one meetings where the 'Admin' user can change the status of the entire meeting, for Multi-user meetings, the 'Admin' user can also manage the meeting attendance status for individual users. A users status can be changed via the "Meeting Details" page and using the "Manage participants status" option, which falls under "Status"Once the "Manage participants status" is clicked, the 'Admin' user can edit a users attendance status. 

It's important to note, that the overall meeting status will only be accepted once one participant/user has the accepted the invite. Once this happens, the meeting organizer and additional participants/users will be able to join the virtual meeting room. 

Any 'Admin' users will not be able to manage the meeting attendance status for the meeting Organizer. Only the Organizer can cancel the entire meeting.

Key Points

  • The 'Admin' user can invite up to 49 additional participants to the meeting and invite up to 10 users at once
  • If an 'Attendee' declines a meeting invitation, that space does not come back to the meeting organizer 
  • The virtual meeting room will become available 5 minutes before the meeting starts when at least one of the participants accepts the meeting
  • Each meeting participant can use the invite functionality from their "Web Networking" account. How to request a meeting can be viewed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a maximum number on how many users can be seen 'on camera' in a Multi-user meeting? 
Yes, only a maximum of 12 users can be seen on video. The other users will be part of the audio.
Does the user need to be connected to another user to add them to a Multi-user meeting?
No. Should the user have the right level of permissions, they can add any user on the platform to a Multi-user meeting.
Can the user invite additional participants to Hosted Buyer meetings?
Yes, Multi-user meetings are available for Hosted Buyer meetings as well. Additional meeting participants will be able to accept or decline their attendance. 

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