Using the Grip iFrame on your website

The Grip iFrame can be used on your website to highlight the event program, exhibitor list, speakers list and any other list that you show within the web networking and would also like to have displayed on your website.

The benefits of using the Grip iFrame are:

  • No more data duplication from your Website to Grip
  • Increase top of funnel traffic to Grip Matchmaking Solution
  • A holistic user experience for visitors on your website, web networking, and app 

How to set up the Grip iFrame

  1. Go to the Grip dashboard (
  2. Login, select your application, and select your event
  3. Go to the "Event Details" page
  4. On the right hand side there is a link called "Grip iFrame Code"
    1. Copy the code and add it to your website.

Success! You've now added the Grip iFrame to your website! 

Please note, that for a 'list' such as "Exhibitors" or "Speakers" to show on the iFrame they have to be set to "Public" on the question "Do you want this extension to be shown publicly in the Grip iFrame?"

You can find several examples of the iframe at the bottom of the article. 

iFrame Examples

Below is a straightforward example of the iFrame in the branded (red) colors of the event.

This is a more exciting one, the client has coded their own CSS into the iframe, customizing/removing buttons and using a custom font in in the iframe. 

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