My Badge / Registration ID is not recognized. How do I retrieve it?

On the networking platform, we import your profile from registration. The first time you log in you'll have to claim your account by entering your unique Badge / Registration ID.

The Badge / Registration ID is typically provided by the Registration system and will have been emailed to you. Don't worry if you can't find it as you can retrieve it from the platform as well.

Important: If you have previously claimed your account and are asked for a password that you can't remember, please read the article on "How to reset your password" instead. 

1. Enter the email address that you registered for the event with.
If your email is not recognized it means you are not registered for the networking platform and you should contact the Event Organiser.

2. Click "Request a reminder" and go to your email inbox.
3. Open the email titled "Your Badge / Registration ID for [EventName]" and press "Login" or copy the Badge / Registration ID. 

4. You'll now be asked to create a password. This is the password you'll use for every subsequent login.

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