How to create your account on first login

Grip requires users to create their own password for security reasons. This can be done by 'claiming' your account based on your Badge/Registration ID. The Badge/Registration ID is provided by the organizer and by the Grip platform in our welcome email.

Some organisers use the event entrance's badge id as the networking app's login detail. Other organisers use a different login detail with a unique registration id. Please refer to the app networking welcome email in order to use the right login detail. 

Below are the steps to claim your Badge/Registration ID and create a personal password.

1. Open the welcome email

To use the networking platform, you will receive a welcome email either via Grip or the organiser; in which you will recieve your login details to the app and web.  

2- Start networking now!

The link is provided by the organiser and is available in all emails coming from Grip or the orgniser in relation to the networking app.

2.1- click on "login" and enter your email address;

2.2- Enter your temporary registration id;

2.2.1-  Where you do not know your temporary registration id, please click on the "Request a reminder".

2.3-  Re-enter your email address,  select your own personal password and click on "create Account". 

Success! You've now successfully created your account and are able to sign in with your email and password in the future! 

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