What is the difference between Admin and Team Member roles?

In this article, we'll explain the difference between the different roles you can assign to your team members: Admin or Team Member

1. Admin 

The first Admin is the person creating the Teams account and inviting other team members.

As opposed to a Team Member the Admin(s) has/have the right to:
1. Edit the role of team members, they can decide to make other people Admin(s) or Team Member 
2. Edit other team member profiles 
3. Invite additional team member(s)

2. Team Member 

As listed above a Team Member does not have the right to edit profiles/invite other team members. However, they have access to all the features of the Teams platform: booking meetings on behalf of other team members, view entire team calendar and more.

Important note: you must be an admin to change the role of other team members, to know more about: how to change a team member role from Admin or Team Member search in other articles.

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