DNS records configuration

In this article we will cover how to record DNS in order to use your own domain to send out any Grip related communication including user's credentials and introduction email. 

Once this is confirmed between the organiser and the relevant Grip Project Manager; there are 2 steps to be followed; 

** please note that the Email subdomain and URL custom link should be 2 different domains. 

1- Select your domain name

The domain name should be in mg.mydomain.com format. For example; matchmaking.grip.events or connect.grip.events or network.grip.events where grip.events is the main domain.

2- DNS records

Once you selected your domain and informed your Project Manager, you will be provided with a DNS record pdf for the subdomain to be configured in your domain provider dashboard.

You will need to record the followings; 

2.1 Add DNS Records For Sending: 

  • TXT records (known as SPF & DKIM): are required to send and receive email with Mailgun
  • Mx records: are recommended for all domains, even if you are only sending messages.

2.2 Add DNS Records For Tracking: 

  • CNAME record:  is necessary for tracking opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.

Wait For Your Domain To Verify

Once you make the above DNS changes it can take 24­ to 48 hrs for those changes to propagate. We will email you to let you know once your domain is verified.

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