How to Scan Badges and Export them

The badge scanning functionality is an integral part of the Grip platform on both the app and the web platform from which you can download all your contacts at any time with the following info:

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Match_interest
  • Subject_interest
  • Summary
  • Email
  • Phone Number (if available)
  • Address (if available)

1. How to Scan a Badge in the App

a. The first step is scanning a badge, login to your event app and click on "more"

b. Click on "QR / Badge Scanner" 

c. Scanning a Badge

Scanning a badge, the main action, is the first on the in the badge scanning section and will open the camera [make your you allow the App to access your camera]. The following steps will happen during the process of a badge scan:

  1. As soon as you now get either a QR Code or a Barcode in view the badge will start scanning.
  2. You'll recognize that the app has started scanning a code by a green box appears around the code you're scanning.
  3. Once the code is successfully scanned we'll add the person to your scans and you can tap on a person's name to open their profile.
  4. Our apps can scan multiple badges simultaneously and due to the intuitive design, you'll immediately see when the scans have been successful. 

Important to note is that scans are also stored locally on your phone. This means that even if you scan someone when you don't have an internet connection it will be stored and uploaded to the platform once you do have an internet connection.

2. Where to see the list of people you scanned and who scanned you

a. The section "My Scan List" in the App 

The section will you show a list of the people you've scanned. Although you can't export them from the app you can do so (including email and phone number) from the web platform. The web platform can be found at[event name] the event name of your event and under the section Teams.

b. Scanned by list

In this list you can find all the companies that have scanned your badge. You can follow up with them by using the in-app chat.

3. Exporting your Badge Scans

You can export your badge scans from our web platform at any time. Simply go to:


And login with the same credentials as you used in the app. Once logged in, go to your Teams > Export and Click on: "Click to generate CSV"

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