How to use the smart calendar tool?

In this article, we'll explain how you to use the smart calendar tool to invite your clients to book meetings with you in Teams.

1. Log in to the platform using your email and the password you chose on your first log in.

2. Once logged in, Go to "Teams" on the top right.

3. Click on "Smart Calendar" on the left side bar.

4. Define which of your team members calendar you want to show on the smart calendar link by making them "Active" or "Inactive".

5. Manage the time availabilities of your personal calendar and other team members. 

You can manage time slots to show available or busy to clients you send the Smart Calendar link to, if you have already confirmed meetings in Teams this specific time slots will automatically be shown as busy but will not display the meetings details to other clients.

a. Click on "Manage"

b. See your already scheduled meetings

b. To select a time slot to show as "Busy", simply click on that specific time and wait for it to say "Busy" - To change a time slot from "Busy" to "Available", simply click on that time and wait for it to say "Available"

c. Click o "Save" to finalise calendar changes 

6. Once you have edited and saved all calendars, you can now send the calendar link to your clients via email, chat or other communication channels you use with them.

How do I access my own personal smart calendar link?

a. Click on "Personal Link" under your name, your calendar will automatically open in a new tab in your browser. 

b. Simply go in the URL field, select the entire URL and copy it. You can now paste this link and send it to your clients!

How do I access my team smart calendar link?

Where it says "Team Link", click on the button "Copy" You can now paste this link and send it to your clients!

Important notes:
- It is always better to review your calendar link prior to sending it to clients, test your link by opening a new tab and pasting the link in the URL field
- The image, title and other information appearing in your calendar or your team members' can all be edited under the Team Members section of Teams

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