What is the section Inbound Leads?

In this article, we will explain what the Inbound Leads section is and how to use it to drive more sales and meetings.

What are Inbound Leads in Grip?

The Inbound Leads section features profiles of people that have shown interest in you, one or multiple team members, and/or your company during the event. The section is dynamic, as the profiles will remain on the list until you take action on them of either requesting a meeting or swiping them as Interested or Skip. 

A profile will show up as a lead after meeting one or many of the following qualifications:

  • interest in any team member, company profile, products
  • connections with other team members, company profile, products
  • accepted meetings with other team members, company profile, products
  • profile views of any team member, company profile, products
  • attendees of sponsored sessions
  • viewers of sponsored sessions live streams or video recordings

The Inbound Leads list is not shared between team members in contrast to the Contacts list that is an exportable list of all people that made a connection or scheduled a meeting with any of the Team members. Therefore, taking action on the profile displayed on your list doesn't affect the lists of your colleagues. Also, people you already took action upon, won't show up on your list at all, while they might show on the lists of your colleagues.  For example, when you have already skipped a user and he swipes interested in you, you won't see this user on your list, while your colleagues will.  You also won't see users that are your connections or have a scheduled meeting with you. 

How to access Inbound Leads Section?

1. Log in to the platform using your email and the password you chose on your first log in.

2. Once logged in, Go to "Teams" on the top right.

3. Click on "Inbound Leads" on the left sidebar

4. Under each profile you will be able to see who they have shown interest in and if a meeting has been booked with them and if so with which member of your team.

5. You can review each profile, decide to take action on their interest by connecting with them or directly requesting a meeting.

Limitations and FAQs:

If a company profile gets viewed/interested before the team is created by a representative logging in, will this be found in inbound leads when the representative does log in and generate the team?

  • Views will not be visible 
  • Interests will be visible 
  • Meetings will be visible 
  • Badge Scans will be visible
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