What is Teams Premium?

In this article we will be describing Teams Premium, the different features.

1. What is Teams?

Teams is an all-in-one Exhibitor Meeting Management solution it will allow you and your Team double your leads and increase sales efficiency!

Signing-up for Teams means:

a. Empowering your Sales Team to generate more revenue from events by making it easy to manage leads and meetings

b. Accessing a wide range of easy to set up, fully integrated and automated features: smart meeting links, team-wide lead sharing, and meeting delegation to team members…

c. Having a real impact on your Return on Investment from exhibiting at events using one first state-of-the-art platform your meetings and networking/matchmaking results

2. What do I get when I sign-up for Teams Premium?

You can easily subscribe for Teams Premium in your Teams account, the Teams Premium features Vs Teams Basic features:

How do I subscribe to Teams Premium? click here for full how to article

If you need more details about Teams Premium email Laurie Delpino our Head of Exhibitor Engagement at Grip: laurie@grip.events

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