How do I set up or update my profile?

In this article, we will explain how to set up or update your personal profile to make the best of Networking and our AI-powered Matchmaking engine.

Option 1: it is your first time connecting to the platform

1. Log in to the platform using your login and password

2. A pop-up window will take you through a few steps to set-up your profile, make sure to go through each steps and fill out the appropriate information

The first steps are very important as the answers to these questions are used by our matchmaking engine to generate your recommendations. 

a. To fill-out the different criteria simply click on the question field

b. Enter your answer and click on the "+" sign to add your answer repeat this method to answer all questions.

Option 2: You have connected to platform once before and want to update or finish setting up your profile

1. Log in to the platform using your login and password

2. Click on your profile icon

a. Add a picture

b. Fill-out the different criteria by simply clicking on the  field.

c. Enter your answer and click on "add" and then click on update preferences.

If you have any additional questions about regarding your profile preferences and how to optimise it please do not hesitate to email us at

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