How do I request a meeting?

In this article, we will explain how to request a meeting with someone.

Requesting a meeting has never been easier, here is how to request a meeting in three easy steps.

Note that the meeting option will be available on different sections of the networking platform on people profiles.

1. Click on "MEET" on any profiles you would like to schedule a meeting with.

2. Select the meeting details you would like your meeting to be held at and then click "Request Meeting".

3. Keep track of all your meetings and their status change in the section "My Schedule".


The different meeting statuses:

SCHEDULED: has been confirmed by both parties.

PENDING: someone has requested a meeting with you and you need to approve it, decline it or reschedule it.

AWAITING RESPONSE: you have requested a meeting with someone and they need to approve it, decline it or reschedule it.

DECLINED: the meeting has been declined by you and/or the other person.

To learn how to reschedule a meeting click here

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