Smart Scheduling (MustMeet) Meeting Limit Per User

What is MustMeet Meeting limit 

What are the requirements?

How the MustMeet limit looks like on the H2H system

What happens if this number changes?



What is MustMeet Meeting limit 

Sometimes organisers sell a specific number of meetings to some of the sponsors (users) or any users. In the MustMeet platform you can instruct the system to generate only a specific number of meetings per user. This means that some of the attendees at an event have a pre-scheduled meeting limit. 

H2H meeting generation system gives priority to the users with a meeting limit. This means that the system first ensure that those attendees have their limit completed, then generates meetings for the rest of the attendees with no HB meeting limit. 


What are the requirements?

Example: In the kick off call the organiser states that they have 100 buyers and 100 suppliers (or any other types). They have sold a sponsorship packages to the suppliers in which some of the suppliers should get certain number of meetings.  

1- Ask the organiser to assign this limit to the user either via api, spreadsheet. 

2- Add metadata "hb_meeting_limit" to the type. The value for the "hb_meeting_limit" should be numerical only. 

Type Meeting limit Grip Requirement
Supplier 1 10 hb_meeting_limit - value 10
Supplier 2 8 hb_meeting_limit - value 8
Supplier 3 6 hb_meeting_limit - value 6
Rest of the suppliers  no limit no metadata is required 

3- you can also add this metadata manually to the dashboard. 

4- Generates the scores 

5- Push the scores to H2H 

6 - Generate meetings

How the HB limit looks like on the H2H system




Meetings Limit: This is the "hb_meeting_limit" per user.

Meetings Availability: Total number of user's available time-slots.

Meetings Target: If there was not a "hb_meeting_limit" limit, the user would have got this number of meetings.

Meetings Scheduled: Based on the "hb_meeting_limit" the number of meetings that the system generated.


What happens if this number "hb_meeting_limit" changes?

"hb_meeting_limit" can change up to the "Closed phase - Meeting generation" phase. You can always make changes through api, spreadsheet or manual on the Grip dashboard. 

IF After the meetings are generated, the organiser updates this field then you need to: 

1- Add the updates ""hb_meeting_limit" to the Grip dashboard

2- Go to H2H 

3- Reload the data 

4- Generate meetings 

Please note that generating meetings means that the system would delete all the previous meetings at the event and generates a new set of meetings for everyone. 

OR you can skip step 4 and instead ask the organiser to adjust the meetings manually on the H2H system. This means that the organiser needs to to H2H and add or reduce umber of meetings manually. This is a good approach if you don't want everyone be affected by the change.