Badge scanning for session check-in

An overview of the session check-in feature which uses Grip's badge scanning, built into the mobile app.


The session scanning feature allows Organisers to assign user profiles with the ability to scan participants for general session check-in or sponsored session check-in. 

Selected data types can be configured with access to the 'session scan' navigation item, and the respective user profiles can select a 'session' from the Event Agenda and open the camera to scan the users' badge. 

This is logged as a 'session scan'. If the Session has one or many Sponsors and these Sponsors have respective Teams, then the participant scanned will appear in the Teams Dashboard: 'Inbound leads' with the qualification tag 'Has attended in person [session name]'. This will also appear in the Inbound Leads export available only to the Organiser via the Dashboard.

How do you configure the feature?

Once your dedicated Grip representative enables the Scanning for Session-Check-In, you can configure it in the Grip Dashboard. 

  1. Navigate to the Event Setup -> Navigation
  2. Click on the ‘Create Navigation Item’ button
  3. On the new page:
    A. Add the item’s name
    B. Select the placement
    C. Select the ‘Session Scan’ item type
    D. Indicate whether 'All Sessions' or 'Sponsored Only' are available for scanning
    E. Chose the icon for the item
  4. Select the Data Types (e.g. exhibitor representative, event staff) that can see this item
  5. Hit the ‘Create Navigation Item’ button to save it

Note: The Scanning for Session-Check-In item is available on the mobile app only. Currently, the item’s position on the mobile app is on the ‘More’ screen.

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 14.13.33

How does it work?

Once onsite, your event staff or the Exhibitor representatives will use the mobile app to scan the session attendees' QR Codes/Badges via the Session Scan Navigation item. 

Here, they can select the session for which they want to scan the attendees. 

There are no limits to the number of QR Codes/Badges that can be scanned during a certain timeframe.

Note: All attendees need a ScanID on their profile in Grip for this feature to work.

Data Management

Session Sponsor using Grip Teams

When the Representative scans the session attendee, the attendee is generated as an inbound lead on the My Team -> Inbound Leads page with the label 'Has attended in person[session name]'.

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 16.27.16

Session Sponsor without Grip Teams

When the Representative scans the session attendees, the data is recorded in Grip and available as a custom ‘session scan’ report. 

Data Export 

As mentioned in the above section, the Session Sponsor using Grip Teams will be able to see scanned attendees (i.e. Session Sponsor Representatives) under the Inbound Leads List, where the leads will have a label 'Has attended in person[session name]'.

The Organiser can export ‘Inbound Leads’ via the Dashboard and a scanned participant will appear with the lead source: 'session_in_person_scan [session name].

To activate the Session Check-In export feature for your exhibitors, it's essential to first enable it in the Grip Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Grip Dashboard.
  2. Access your specific event.
  3. Proceed to Event Details -> Event Data types -> Companies.
  4. Open the Data type Settings page.
  5. Within the Grip Teams Settings, activate the Session Check-In export.Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 16.29.34

Once activated, you will find the Session Check-In export option within the My Team -> Export tab on the web platform.Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 16.30.40


Does the Session Scanning form the connection?


Do I have to enable badge scanning permission first for the data types I want to have the Session Scanning functionality?


Does the individual ‘Connections Export’ file contain data for the Session Scanning? 


How can I get access to the feature?

If you do not currently have access to session scanning please get in contact with your Account Manager.

Can the Representative scan the Attendee using both a Session Scan & Badge Scan?


Is there a limit to the number of individuals who can simultaneously scan participants into a session?

Not currently. If you anticipate an exceptionally large group of individuals facilitating Session Check In, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Is there a limit to the total number of Session Check In scans during an event?


Does the session need to be currently happening to check an individual into it?

Session Check In scans can take place before, during, or after the session itself.