Branded mobile app at your event

This article provides an overview of everything that you need to do to have your own branded app at your event(s) published on the App Store and Google Play.

We provide full-service management of your mobile app including building, publishing and updating the app on your behalf. 

We recommend allowing a lead time of at least three weeks prior to your planned launch date to ensure we have enough time for your submission to be approved. 

You need to: 

  1. Have an active Apple Developer account as an Organisation.
  2. Provide access to Grip to your Apple Developer Account with the Admin role (see here). 
  3. Request access to the App Store Connect API (see "mandatory step" here).
  4. Make sure that all updated agreements are accepted in the "Agreements" section of your Apple Developer Account (see list of assets here).
  5. Provide all the required text and design assets for your app (see here).

Once you've completed all the steps mentioned above, please inform your delivery manager. Additionally, let us know whether you prefer the immediate release of your app upon approval or if you have a specific date in mind.

Grip will build and submit your mobile app for review to the App Store and Google Play. You should allow up to 10 working days for your app to be built and at least 5 working days for app store approval. It might take longer if some information is missing or any of the steps above are incomplete. 

Once the app is approved and published, we will share the app store listing URLs with you. Grip will take care of keeping your app up-to-date with the latest features and updates. 



What is a minimal OS version required for Android and iOS?
Android minimum version is 8.
iOS minimum version 14.

Are Huawei devices supported?
Unfortunately, due to the US ban of Huawei, Grip is not available to Huawei device users.