Contact Details Sharing

Contact details sharing is a set of functionalities that allows Attendees to share their email and phone number in a GDPR compliant way. Its purpose is to increase platform capabilities to generate actionable leads.

How does the contact details sharing functionality work?

Users who decide to share their Contact Details will have their email and phone numbers displayed on their Profile page. Other users will be able to export their contact details through Teams exports. 

With the functionality enabled, users can provide their phone number through the 'Edit Profile' page and they can choose one of three available Visibility Settings. These are:

  • Private
  • Connections Only
  • Public

The Contact Details email is the same email that users insert to login. This can also be displayed on the 'Edit Profile' page, however, the only way the email can be changed is through the 'Change Email' functionality (currently supported only on the web platform, not mobile).

The phone number field can be imported through registration and users can display their phone number and email during the onboarding phase. They can also change their Visibility Settings at this stage. 

Visibility Settings

Users can decide on one of the following Visibility Settings: 

  • Private - no other user can see their contact details
  • Connections only - users with connections will be able to see the contact details on the user's contacts page. A connections Team Member will also be able to access the contact details through the Teams export
  • Public - contact details will be displayed on the profile page and available in exports for everyone at the Event

How to enable Contact Details Sharing functionality

Contact details can be enabled per Type. In order for the functionality to be available in Type Settings, this needs to first be activated in the app configuration settings. The following steps are needed:

1. Click on Data Type > Type Settings 

2. Click Edit on the relevant Data Type and select the Permissions option

3. Scroll down to Contacts Sharing and enable "Data can edit and share its contact details"

Once enabled the new section will show in Event Details > Event Data Types > Settings page to enable the feature on the chosen Type.Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 12.52.20

Limit the available contact visibility options

Event admins can select visibility options that are available for participants to select in web or mobile apps. This way organizers can e.g. block participants from selecting ‘Private’ or ‘Connections’ as their contact details visibility, therefore ensure that all contact details are public in the event. 

The functionality is controlled by the contact details options field in the Event Setup. Updating the available options will also impact the default option configured below. 

Two things to keep in mind: 

  • It’s up to the event organizer to ensure GDPR compliance if ‘Private’ options are no longer available in the event. 
  • The setting should be configured before the event starts to make an impact. If users save their visibility to private, then changing this setting won't change the visibility.

Default Privacy Settings

Event admins can set the default value of contact details visibility setting for the entire event. Changing the value from 'Private' to 'Connections' or 'Public' means that each type with contact details sharing enabled will have this value preselected after their first login. On the onboarding modal, users will see the selected value instead of 'Private', yet they will be able to change their visibility back to private if they wish to. 

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 12.56.45

It's worth highlighting that, until event participants log into the networking platform for the first time and update their contact details sharing preferences, the visibility of contact details will always remain private for their profile.