Custom URL subdomain set up process

This article explains the steps and processes involved in redirecting a custom domain to the Grip networking application URL link.  


It will cover:

  • What is a URL subdomain?
  • Custom domain format
  • How to set up your custom domain
  • FAQs

What is a URL subdomain?

A subdomain is an additional part of your main domain name. For example:


In this example, 'matchmaking' is the subdomain, and '' is the primary domain.

Screenshot 2020-11-01 at 18.59.32


Custom Domain Format

The current format of the Grip networking platform URL is:\<container name>

You can choose any domain name instead of "". However, the <container name>, which corresponds to the event name in the Grip dashboard, is fixed and cannot be changed. For simplicity and effective DNS management, it is recommended to use a third-level subdomain name, such as "" or "".


How to set up your custom domain


To set up your custom domain, follow these steps:

Step 1: CNAME Record Setup

Create a DNS CNAME record for the domain with the value "" and a TTL of 300.

Step 2: Inform Grip of Your Custom Domain's Primary Event

Inform Grip about your primary event to which users will be redirected for this domain. Grip will generate an SSL certificate for the custom domain using Let's Encrypt. The certificate will be automatically renewed (within 30 days of expiration) as long as the domain points to the Webnetworking host ( You can use an SSL Checker to diagnose problems with your SSL certificate.



    Q: I want to use a different domain per event inside one app. What do I need to do?
    A: It's not recommended, as it may block notifications for some events within the app. If you still wish to use a different domain per event inside one app, repeat steps 1-2.

    Q: I want to use the same domain per events inside one app. What do I need to do?
    A: If you wish to use the same domain for events inside one app, repeat step 2 if you want to change your primary event. Please note that concurrent events with the same custom URL subdomain are not supported.

    Q: Can I have multiple custom domains within one app?
    A: Yes, but there are some limitations regarding notifications. Please contact your Account or Project Manager for more information.

    Q: Can I use a .cn (Chinese) custom domain?
    A: At this time, using a .cn (Chinese) custom domain is not possible due to certification constraints. Other custom domains can still be accessed in China, albeit with degraded performance levels.

    Q: Can I use the same custom subdomain for email and URL?
    A: No, we currently use a third-party provider to manage email subdomains and our own server to set up custom URLs. Using the same domain for web and email would result in emails being sent to our server, which may not be processed correctly.

    Q: Can I provide an SSL certificate instead of a Grip-managed one?
    A: Yes, but it is not recommended due to manual work and potential security issues. If you prefer to do this, please send Grip the SSL private key, certificates, and intermediate certificates for installation on the Grip webservers. The private key must be an RSA key with a size of 2048 bits or lower, in PEM format (Base64 encoded ASCII), and unencrypted. Grip cannot import a private key protected by a password or passphrase.