Default Locations

In this article,  we will show you how to select a default location for a participant, item, or company profile within the Grip Dashboard.  


In this article, we will cover:


What is a default location?

A default location is the location that will appear on a participant, item, or company’s profile within the Grip platform. This informs other participants where in the event they can find a specific participant, company, or item (like a company booth). 

The default location will also appear in the meeting location field when an attendee requests a meeting with that participant. This encourages any meeting organiser to have meetings with recipients at their default location, and helps exhibitor’s avoid having their reps spread out across the event.



Some companies will have multiple locations assigned to them. A company may base itself over several booths for example, but it may be just one of those that is their ‘central’ location, with the others being overfill. 


How do locations get assigned to profiles?

There are three ways locations can be attached to profiles in Grip.

The first is by manually creating the location and attaching it to the thing profile. You can read more about this here.

The second is by importing the locations through an integration. If you are utilizing Native Integrations, click here to learn how you can create and assign locations during the mapping process. Please speak to your Grip project manager for more information. 

The third is by utilizing a CSV upload to create and assign locations to profiles. Learn more about the CSV upload process here.

How do you select a default location?

If you’ve manually assigned a location to a thing in Grip, the location that you assigned first will be the default. If the locations were imported, the default location can be selected during the import process.

This can be manually updated on the dashboard. Select the radio button next to the location you wish to be the default.




What happens to the default location of a user when you change a default meeting location for a company with which the user has a relationship?

If ‘inherit meeting location’ is turned on, the user’s location will be updated. 


What happens if a user has inherited a company’s location, and then I update the user’s default location on their profile?

Only that user’s default location will be updated. The company’s default location will stay the same.