Enrolling as a Company for the apple developer program

Enrolling As A Company For The Apple Developer Program

Before we start

What is an Apple id?

An Apple ID is an ‘all-in-one’ account used to log into various online systems that Apple offers for many of its products, using a customer's existing email address.

What is a D-U-N-S number?

A D-U-N-S Number is a unique nine-digit identification number for your business. 

D-U-N-S Number assignment is free for all businesses, and is mandatory in order to enroll to the Apple developer program.

What is the Apple developer program?

The apple developer program is an account created using your Apple id, and specifically designed for creating and distributing apps on the App store.

This guide will cover the following steps

  1. Creating an Apple id using your company domain.
  2. Requesting a unique D-U-N-S number or checking if you already have one.
  3. Enrolling as a company for the Apple developer program using your company’s D-U-N-S number.
  4. Paying for the Apple developer program.
  5. Activating your Apple developer program.

Submitting an app to the Apple App Store can be done only afterwe have completed all 5 steps.

Let’s get started

  1. Creating an Apple id using your company domain:

 b. Fill out the form on this page, by choosing an email address for your Apple ID, adding a password, entering your birthday, and selecting security questions. When you've filled out all the fields on this screen, click Continue

c. Apple will send a verification email to your chosen email address. Enter the 6-digit confirmation code from the email on the website and click Verify to create your Apple ID.

You have now successfully created your own Apple id.

 2. Requesting a unique D-U-N-S number or checking if you already have one

 a. Use the D-U-N-S lookup tool (you’ll need to use your Apple id that was created in the 1st section) to check if your business was already assigned a D-U-N-S number.

Fill in all the required information in the from and press the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom of the page.

 b. The system will check If your business already has a D-U-N-S number, and if so please proceed to section 3, if you don’t have a D-U-N-S number a DNB representative will contact you to start the process of creating it.

 3. Enrolling as a company for the Apple developer program using your company’s D-U-N-S number.

Note: Make sure you have an international D-U-N-S number before proceeding

 a. Sign in using your company Apple ID (created in the 1st section) and press the ‘Join the Apple developer program’ button.

 b. Press the ‘Enroll’ button on the right.

 c. Press the ‘Start your enrollment’ button


 d. Choose the ‘Company/organization’ Option from the drop-down menu and press the ‘Continue’ button.

 e. Fill in the Contact Information for your Apple Developer Program including the D-U-N-S number and Legal Entity Name and press the ‘Continue’ button. Please make sure that you provide a phone number on which you can be reached easily because an Apple representative will contact you shortly after filling this form.

 f. Please review the information you have submitted. When done press the ‘Submit’ button.

 g. That’s it! You successfully submitted your enrollment to Apple developer program.

After finishing this process an Apple support representative will contact you over the phone (using the phone number you provided in the previous form as your Headquarters phone). You will have a short conversation and will need to provide him with a secondary contact person for this Apple developer account.

 h. Once you’ve been confirmed by the Apple support representative, you will receive an email containing a license agreement. Please press the ‘Review now’ link.

 i. If you’re already logged in to your Apple id you will be prompt to this page, if not please log in using the Apple id you created in the 1st section

Check the checkbox on the left and then press the ‘Continue’ button. 

 4. Paying for the Apple developer program

 a. After agreeing to the license agreement, you will proceed to the payment section. Before adding your billing info and Credit card information you’ll need to choose if you’re interested in Automatic renewal for your Apple developer program, if so please check the checkbox on the left, if not leave it unchecked.

When done please press the ‘Purchase’ button.

 b. After pressing the ‘Purchase’ button you will be prompt here. Please sign in with your Apple ID/password and press the ‘Sign in’ button.

 c. Fill in the billing information and press the ‘continue’ button.

 Please review the details your provided in this section and press the ‘Order Now’ button at the bottom of the page.

 5. Activating your Apple developer account.

 a. After the payment was processed you will receive an email with an activation code, press this        link and proceed with the activation process (logging in with your Apple id/Password created        in the 1st section).

b. Once logged in you will be prompt to the activation area of your Apple developer program. Please copy the activation code from the previous email and press the “Activate” button.

Last stage: press the “Get Started” button at the bottom of the page.

That’s it!

Your Apple developer account is now active and ready for use.

Good luck!