Essential Website Elements to Promote Your Event's Matchmaking Service

Here are a list of elements you may wish to include on your website(s) to inform your attendees of the matchmaking service at your event.

1. Download links to the platform. Use your Smart Marketing Link in your communications to redirect your attendees to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on mobile, and on desktop to the Web Platform
. You can also use specific links that point to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

2. Benefits of using a matchmaking service at the event. Below is an example of how you could present the benefits of using the tool.

3. How to use the platform:

  • Login
  • Review your recommendations. They will improve as you use the platform.
  • Make connections by demonstrating interest in an attendee
  • Arrange meetings with the right people
  • Plan your visit by adding sessions to your calendar

Consider making an image or infographic on how to use the platform. Below is a couple of examples of how to turn the steps into an infographic.

4. Below is an example of an organization that used the material in our FAQs and put them into a drop-down format on their website.

5. Additional FAQs for you to consider adding are as follows:

  • Where will my meeting take place? Include information about the meeting area at your event
  • What details of mine are displayed in the platform? The platform will only display your professional information including name, job title and company. Information such as telephone number, email address or mail address will not be displayed
  • Can I export my connections' contact details? No. To maintain privacy, personal contact details are not displayed or exportable in the platform
  • How do I remove my details from the platform? Please contact with your removal request.