Event Copying

We have made copying an event extremely easy, which will save you countless hours when running multiple events. It really is as simple as a click of a button!


In this article we will cover: 

  • What does and does not get copied when I copy an event?
  • How to copy an event
  • FAQs


What gets copied and what does not when I copy an event?

1. All event data types, settings, permissions, relationships, and custom profile fields will be copied (both app level and event level). This consists of:

  • All data types within the event.

  • All custom profile fields associated with those types at both event and app level.

  • All custom profile fields created within the event.

  • All Type permissions, this includes:

    • Can meet.

    • Can be interacted with.

    • Can edit own availability calendar.

    • Can view own availability calendar.

    • Can export list of accepted meetings.

    • Contact sharing.

    • Is editable from the event app.

    • Display message on non-editable profiles.

    • Support link text.

    • Support link URL.

    • Can see profiles of

    • Can see recommendations of.

    • Can request meetings with.

    • Pending meeting limit.

    • Can create a team of.

    • Can scan badges of.

    • Relationships.

    • Session permissions.


2. All navigation items and settings, including all custom groups will be copied. This consists of: 

  • All existing navigation items.

  • All existing navigation permissions, this includes:

    • Data type restrictions.

    • Platforms to be shown on.

  • Custom Groups, this includes:

    • Group name (and all translations).

    • Can see recommendations of.

    • Can see profiles, search, and see lists of.

    • Unstructured Metadata.


3. All homepage items and settings will be copied. This consists of: 

  • All present blocks.

  • All text, block, background colours.

  • All Thumbnails.

  • All visibility permissions.

  • All platform settings.


4. All custom/welcome emails will be copied apart from the data related to their sending. This consists of:

  • Email Settings, this includes:

    • Mailgun Domain.

    • Support Email Address.

    • Enable Emails.

    • Meeting Transactions.

    • Meetings Reminders and arrivals.

    • Connections.

    • Chat messages.

  • Custom email templates, this includes:

    • All filters.

    • All content of emails.

    • Email name.

    • Email link.

    • Email sending time.

Does not include:

  • Email analytics. This is because this only refers to emails sent in the specific event, so this information will be redundant in a new event.


5. Event settings will be copied. This consists of:

  • Default event access.

  • Event industry.

  • Event Format.

  • Date Format.

  • Time Format.

  • Event Platforms.

  • Mailgun Domain.

  • Notification queue.

  • Registration queue.

Does not include:

  • Event Description. This is because the description is likely to be different across two events and this is set in the clone configuration.

  • Event Name. This is because it is set in the clone configuration.

  • Event Type. This is because it is set in the clone configuration.

  • Event stage. This should be set to draft by default.

  • Event Location. This is because it is set in the clone configuration.

  • Event Start Date. This is because it is set in the clone configuration.

  • Event End Date. This is because it is set in the clone configuration.


The below are not currently included in event copying but will be coming at a later date:

  • All global meeting settings.
  • All permissions for the event currently set in app settings.
  • All session stages and tracks.
  • All event branding.
  • Monetization plans.
  • MustMeet.


How to copy an event

  1. Go to the Grip container app that hosts your events.

  2. Navigate to the event you would like to copy. Click the paper icon at the bottom left of the event, enter the new event details, then click 'Clone Event'. Copying can take up to two minutes if it’s a particularly complex event, if it has not copied within two minutes, click the browser refresh button. After the event has successfully copied you will be directed to the event setup page of your new event and you will then be able to see your copied event in your container app.Event clone gif



Can I copy a copied event?



Can I copy events from one Grip Application to another?



Does the Custom Group ID stay the same or is it different in the copied event? 

The Custom Group IDs are different in both events. 


Does this copy MustMeet settings?

This version does not currently copy MustMeet settings, but there are plans to include this in the coming months. 


Does this copy meeting settings?

At present, this does not include meeting settings as this requires timings to be specified. In upcoming work we will look to include default timings when an event is cloned to allow these settings to be cloned.