Exhibitor/Sponsor Knowledge Hub

Maximize your time at the show

Prepare for the event beforehand

How to create your account

Onboarding steps

How to edit your profile

How to manage your availability

How to change your password

How to reset your password 

What is the "My Teams" portal

What to do at the event

Explore the event 

Understanding the "Recommended for you" page

How to start a chat with someone 

How to sync your calendar 

How to find your QR code

How to scan badges and export them 

What is Lead Scoring and how to use it

How to block time on the calendar of your team members?

How to use the Instant Company Chat function

How to request a meeting on behalf of a team member

What to do after the event

Download your connections and the accepted meetings 

How to export meetings and connections from within the My Teams portal


Note: Some features mentioned above may not be utilized for the event you’re attending. Please reach out to the event organizer with any questions.