Filtering for Companies on Web

Filtering on Web

Grip provides filters on metadata across its web platform, iOS app and Android app. In this article, we'll talk through how filtering works on Web and Mobile.

Filter types

On every native list, you can use filters to narrow down the number of results displayed on the list. 


Some filters are based on the basic profile fields available for all kinds of profiles in the events: 

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Job Title 
  • Company Name

Each list can display additional filters based on metadata values custom for the type of profiles displayed on lists. Example of such filters can be: 

  • Company size
  • Funding stage
  • Types of profiles intersted
  • Company turnover

And many more - it's up to event organizer to choose between hundreds of metadata types available.

How do filters work?

You can always search through all filter values available in the event. There are no limits on how many of these values can be accessed in the filter dropdown panel. 

There are few main components of the filter dropdown panel:

  • Search bar: 
    • Available when there are over 10 filter values 
    • Allows searching through all values at once
    • Search is based on the occurrence of your search phrase anywhere: at the beginning, middle or end of the value.
    • As long as the search is in use, the Top Results and Alphabetical tabs will be hidden
  • Top results tab:
    • Displays a list of up to 20 results that occur most often in the event, sorted by top result first
  • Alphabetical:
    • Access to all values sorted alphabetically and grouped by each letter. Click on the letter to expand a list of all values that start with it.
  • Select all: 
    • It's only possible to select all values if there are less than 500 of them. 
  • Selected count:
    • Displays number of selected values. By clicking on it you will see the list of all values you selected on any of the tabs, or using search.