Grip Service Level Agreements

This document outlines the Service Level Agreements for the Grip platform. It includes information on maintenance events, technical support services, fault priority, service availability.


Grip Maintenance, Support and SLA

Maintenance Events

  • Maintenance work that may require interruption of Guest App Services (Maintenance Events) shall not normally be performed during Normal Business Hours. However, Intros may interrupt Guest App Services outside Normal Business Hours for maintenance if it has given the Customer at least three days' advance written notice.
  • Any Maintenance Events that occur during Normal Business Hours, or that occur with less notice than required by paragraph 1.1, and which were not requested by the Customer, shall be considered downtime for the purpose of service availability measurement. Intros shall always strive to minimize any service interruptions.

Technical support services

  • If the Customer determines that Guest App Services include a defect, the Customer’s Account Team (CSRs) may file error reports or support requests. Intros shall provide technical support services only to specified CSRs.
  • Intros shall accept e-mail incident submittals from CSRs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in accordance with the paragraph below. Intros shall use reasonable endeavors to process support requests, issue trouble ticket tracking numbers if necessary, determine the source of the problem, and respond to the Customer. Intros shall use reasonable endeavors to respond to all support requests from CSRs within the time periods specified below, according to priority.


Intros shall determine the priority of any fault in accordance with the following table

Priority Impact Description Response time
Priority 1 Critical The entire Guest App is completely inaccessible. Within 2 Normal Business Hours.
Priority 2 Major Operation of the Guest App Services is severely degraded, or major components of the Guest App Services are not operational and work cannot reasonably continue. Within 4 Normal Business Hours.
Priority 3 Minor Certain non-essential features of the Guest App Service are impaired while most major components of the Service remain functional. Within 12 Normal Business Hours.
Priority 4 Cosmetic Errors that are non-disabling or cosmetic and clearly have little or no impact on the normal operation of the Services. Within 24 Normal Business Hours.


Escalation Process

Our escalation process is designed to ensure that any issues or concerns you may have are addressed promptly and efficiently. Here are the steps we follow:

Step 1: Contact our support team If you encounter any issues or problems, please contact our support team. Please refer to the section below for contact details.

Step 2: Our support team evaluates the issue Once we receive your query, our support team will evaluate the issue and provide a response. Depending on the priority of the issue (see table above), we may either answer your query or direct you to the appropriate department for assistance.

Step 3: Escalate to your account manager or client success manager If your issue is not resolved by our support specialist and you still need assistance, please contact your account manager or client success manager. They will work with you to resolve the issue and ensure that your needs are met.

We believe that having an escalation process in place is essential to providing the best possible service. By following these steps, we can quickly and effectively address any concerns you may have and ensure your satisfaction with our services.


Service Availability

Intros will make reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the Guest App has a service availability level of at least 99.5% per calendar year (the "Uptime Service Level").

The Guest App will be considered unavailable only during:

  • Priority 1 and 2 faults
  • unplanned maintenance events

It is important to note that Guest App Services will not be considered "unavailable" during maintenance events as described in the Maintenance and Support section above, customer-caused outages or disruptions, or outages or disruptions attributable in whole or in part to force majeure events within the meaning of clause 16 of the Conditions of Service.

*Please note that currently, Grip cannot guarantee a 99.5% uptime in China due to firewalls and other elements that might be impacting our services. 


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