How can I embed YouTube, Vimeo, or Glisser videos with my profile?

Event organizers have the option to allow event participants to embed videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and other supported video providers directly within their profiles. This enhances the profile content and offers participants an opportunity to showcase their multimedia content. The embedded videos appear within the profiles, providing a seamless viewing experience.


Within this article, you will find out:


How to Add Embed Links to Your Profile

  1. After logging in, access the Edit Profile page and locate the "Video URL (embedded on the profile)" field.

  2. Click on the field and insert the link to your video. It's important to note that Grip has only tested support for embeddable links from YouTube, Vimeo, or Glisser. While other providers may work, correct display cannot be guaranteed. (16)

For YouTube and Vimeo links, use these formats:

Read on to find out how to extract these links from your video provider.


How to Extract Embed Links from Your Video Provider

Extracting a YouTube Embed Link:

  1. Find your video on YouTube and click the "Share" button.file-Njepjac2Ld

  2. Choose "Embed" from the pop-up menu.file-TPqRRzIxrp

  3. Copy the link enclosed in quotation marks.file-CjxMi9otJg

  4. Paste this link into the "Video URL (Embedded on Profile)" field as described above. Note that videos must be either Public or Unlisted to be embedded; Private videos cannot be embedded.

Embedding Vimeo on a Grip Profile:

  1. Locate your video on Vimeo and click the "Share" button.file-Wvp2FFVUdj

  2. Copy the link enclosed in quotation marks.file-BpjuSxwj4b

  3. Paste this link in your profile.

Embedding Glisser on a Grip Profile:

  1. The Glisser link for embedding can be found in the Glisser dashboard, either from the session tile or the session details in the sidebar.file-1kIAYPO5bg

  2. Either from the Organiser Dashboard or from the Profile in Teams, add the Glisser Link in the "Video URL (Embedded on Profile)" field.file-8KsFsUHizE

  3. Once this is done, the Glisser Virtual Booth will be visible with extended height to display slides, downloads, and other links in the profile.file-YNTn3DS2CW