How do I access a virtual meeting room?

  1. Log in on the web platform or mobile app
  2. Once the meeting is accepted, the Virtual Meeting Room button will appear (if it’s pending or cancelled the Virtual Room won’t be available)
  3. The Virtual Meeting Room button will be clickable 5 mins before the scheduled call
  4. Once you click on the Virtual Meeting Room button you’ll be directed to your virtual meeting room
  5. You can go in and out of the Virtual Meeting Room within your scheduled meeting time, however, once the meeting time has expired you won’t be able to access your Virtual Meeting Room
  6. Meeting duration is not limited
  7. You’ll be able to share your screen, however, you will be unable to record your meeting


Meeting Room Types

Our virtual meeting room feature is powered by two external providers and it is up to the event organizer to choose the provider for their event. Check the following articles for an overview of each meeting room type: