How Do I Create My Account on My First Login?

Grip's security measures require users to set their own password by "claiming" their account using their Badge/Registration ID. This ID is typically provided by the event organizer and can also be found in the welcome email from the Grip platform.

Please note that some organizers may use the badge ID for the event entrance as the login detail for the networking app, while others may use a unique registration ID. To ensure you're using the correct login details, refer to the welcome email from the networking app.

Here are the steps to claim your Badge/Registration ID and set up a personal password for your account.

1. Access the Welcome Email

To get started with the networking platform, be on the lookout for a welcome email. This email will contain your login details for both the app and web versions of the platform. This email can be sent to you directly through Grip or by the event organizer.

2. Get Started with Networking

To kickstart your networking experience, follow these steps:

2.1. Click on "Login" and provide your email address.

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2.2. Enter your temporary registration ID (Badge ID) from the welcome email.

2.3. In the next step, select a personal password of your choice, and click on "Create Account."

Great job! You've now claimed your account and can easily sign in with your email and password in the future.

Happy networking!