How do I edit my profile?

In this article, we will explain how to set up or update your personal profile to make the best of our  AI-powered matchmaking solution.

To edit your profile right within the Grip platform, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log In: Use your login credentials to access the platform.

  2. Access Your Profile: Click on your profile icon located in the top-right corner.

  3. Start Editing: Now you can dive into the details. Simply click on the various fields and icons to update different parts of your profile. 

Clicking on profile


Profile Images

If you want to change your profile picture within the platform, here's how to do it:

  1. Click on your existing profile image or the empty profile image space. editprofile(1)
  2. Select 'Choose file' and pick the image you want to use.choosefile(2)
  3. Adjust your image if needed, then click 'Save'.

Freeform text fields (e.g. Headline, Location or Summary) 

For these fields, it's straightforward:

  1. Click the field you want to edit.
  2. Type in the information you'd like to showcase.
  3. To save your changes, click the 'Update Profile' button at the bottom of the page.

Custom Profile Fields

Depending on the event, your profile might have pre-defined custom profile fields enabled. If so, you should see a custom profile field search such as 'Products Provided' dropdown.

  1. Click on the custom field.
  2. A modal will pop up – choose the values that best describe you by clicking them. If you prefer, use the search bar to find the right product.
  3. When you're finished, click 'Update' in the pop-up screen and, like before, click 'Update Profile' at the bottom of your profile page.

Product Categories Provided_dropdown

Embedded Video URLs

If the event organizer allows it, you can also embed a video in your profile. To learn more about this feature, take a look at our article on embedding Youtube, Vimeo and Glisser within your profiles