How does the Grip Smart Marketing Link work?

The Grip smart marketing link is a simple but powerful feature that enables an organiser to provide a smooth user experience to event participants looking to access the Grip platform. This article explains how smart marketing links work. 

Why do I need a "Smart Link"?

The fundamental challenge we are trying to make sure is that people "land" at the right destination when they open a link in an email, on the organiser's website, a text message or any of the other locations a link to the Grip platform might be communicated to event participants. 

For example, when an event participant is on their Desktop computer and presses a button saying "Start Networking" we would want it to open the web platform but when it is pressed on an Android phone we would want it to open the google play store.

How do smart links work?

Grip uses a service called to power its smart linking system. This saves us time and increases the stability of the service. For event organisers, it means that we can provide an improved service with a higher level of customization. 

Smart linking works as follows: 

What do I need to set up as an Event Organiser?

There are two steps that are important to set up, first the web link needs to be configured correctly in Branch. This is typically done by your Project Manager.

The second step is that once your Mobile App is live, make sure the links are updated in Branch so that they correctly redirect to the iOS and Android app.