How to assign a meeting location

n this article we will cover how to create and assign a location to a "Thing" on the dashboard.  

To do so; 

  • Firstly the organiser need to create the location on the dashboard : if you already have the relevant location on the dashboard; you do not need to create another one. 
  • Secondly the organiser needs to assign the location per "Thing". The "Thing" can be a user or a company. 

1- To create a location 

Please follow the steps below: 

1. Select the right app and event

2. Go to the "Action" list and click on the "Meetings

3. Click on the "locations"

4. and now "create a meeting locations" 

5. Enter the name of the location 

6. select the right meeting duration 

7. Enter the right date for the location 

8. Specify a max number If the location has a capacity

9. Turn this button on; If you would like this location to also be available to people that have a default location. Exp: The company: Amazon has a default location "Amazonbooth", where it's representatives can only use this location. However Amazon team also would like to be able to book a meeting in another Location called " b2b area". In this instance you need to turn this button on.

10. You select whether you would like this location to be a public location available to all the types in the event or be a booth only allocated to a "thing" so that no other types will have access to it. 

11. Click on "Save the meeting location"

Now you have your location created. You need to assign the location. 

12. Go to the "type settings" and click on the relevant type where the "Thing" is registered. 

13. Click on the "Thing". In this example Amazon

14. Click on the location

15. Click on the "add Default Location"

16. From the drop down list ; select the right location. You need to type the initial name of the location. 

17. Save

To check whether you have done this process correctly; Go to the Type settings>select the relevant type> Select the relevant "Thing" >click on the "location" and you should be able to see the assigned location.