How to configure MustMeet

This article explains how to configure the MustMeet setting for an event. We will cover:


The MustMeet setting is the page within the Dashboard that controls:

  1. The different phases throughout the experience (Initial Phase, Closed Phase, Live Phase)
  2. The groups that are taking part in the MustMeet experience
  3. The preference limits that each group can make
  4. The visibility of MustMeet meeting slots


How to configure the MustMeet setting

Step 1: Enable the MustMeet Setting for an event

  1. Select General Settings > App Configuration & Special Actions in the Grip Navigation bar
  2. Under Event Configuration Settings, enable the toggle "Enable MustMeet Setup"
  3. Scroll to the top of the page and press "Save"



Step 2: Add Groups to the MustMeet Setting

Once the MustMeet setting has been enabled for the event, the MustMeet Custom Groups need to be added to in the Pre-Event Configuration section. This informs the platform of which users are MustMeet users, or not: 

  1.  Under Pre-Event Configuration, select all Custom Groups that need to be added
  2. Press save at the top of the page



Step 3: Change the MustMeet phase throughout the event

For more information about different MustMeet phases, please refer to the "Smart Scheduling (MustMeet) Phases" article





Preference limits per group

To ensure that users are making thoughtful meeting selections and valuable meeting schedules are generated, we set maximum and minimum limits for the meeting preferences between buyers and suppliers. The preference limits should be configured before Initial Phase Stage 2: Preference selection and recommendations available


How to set Preference Limits per group:

  1. Add the Custom Groups to the Pre-Event Configuration section
  2. Select 'Configure' next to each Custom Group. Here you can configure which actions a group can take in the preferences phase.
  3. Toggle on/off actions per group (Can swipe Must Meet, Meet, No Thanks)
  4. Set minimum and maximum preference limits for Must Meet, Meet, No Thanks. For more information on general calculation rule refer to the "Rules and Calculations for setting Preference Limits" article.


MustMeet slot visibility toggle

This setting allows for event organizers to control whether regular networking attendees are able to book meetings in meeting slots that are usually intended only for MustMeet meetings. This feature is great for filling any gaps between pre-scheduled MustMeet meetings and fill up any leftover time.


How to configure MustMeet slot visibility toggle

By default this toggle is off, but once the event is in the Live Networking phase, it will be visible in the MustMeet settings (see image below). This means that the setting will be hidden on the dashboard during the initial phase and closed phase of the event.




Should you choose to at the Live Networking phase, you can enable the option to show these MustMeet slots to all event users. Now normal users can book meetings in any available slots, even if they were originally intended only for MustMeet meetings.


If you do choose to enable this option, please note that you will be prevented from going back to any of the previous MustMeet phases unless you disable the toggle once more. This is because there is now potential for regular meetings to block MustMeet slots, which will prevent a new schedule being created. If you want to go back and regenerate the MustMeet schedule, you need to be certain that there are no clashes, and all MustMeet slots are available.


What happens if I have chosen to allow MustMeet locations to be visible to regular attendees, then I want to return to one of the earlier phases to change my MustMeet schedule?

If the setting has been turned ON, you’ll need to switch it OFF again first, to be allowed to return to one of the earlier phases. Make sure that no regular meetings have been booked in the MustMeet slots.