How to create a Personalized URL extension

Update - Personalized URL extensions

The extensions feature has been updated with a personalized URL option. This type of extension allows providing different links to the users based on the metadata field.

1-Nov-15-2023-05-50-40-2918-PMThis means that an event organizer can create multiple versions of the website based on one or many chosen metadata fields. For example, he can create a separate instance of a website based on Grip ThingID to share an individual page for each attendee, or one based on TypeID to present a single version of a site for each Grip Type.

To better understand the effect of personalized links, imagine that event organizer creates a website with travel itinerary directions for attendees. He hosts this website under the URL like ``. For each attendee, he then creates a separate page based on Grip Thing ID and ends up with a number of pages formatted `<thingID>`. He has multiple pages like:

His goal now is to share each individual page with right attendee and this is where he can use Personalized URL extension. To create one based on above-mentioned points all he needs to do is to provide a constant part of the link ( with added variable GRIP metadata:


The creation of unique pages and the format of the link is entirely up to the event organizer. Metadata field can be placed anywhere in the link, also multiple metadata fields can be used in one link.