How to request a meeting on behalf of a team member

In this article, we'll learn how to request a meeting on behalf of a team member. 

Here's what we'll cover in this article;

  • How to request a meeting on behalf of a team member
  • Reviewing your team's meeting requests

How to request a meeting on behalf of a team member

1. Log in to the platform using your email and the password you chose on your first log in.1-Nov-09-2023-12-26-15-5284-PM

2. Navigate to a section of the platform in which you can find lead profiles. This will be in the Home section or in the Teams section. Alternatively, you can search for a profile directly in the search bar.

Home > Recommendations, Interested, Connections2-Nov-09-2023-12-26-28-1766-PM

Teams > Inbound Leads3-Nov-09-2023-12-26-48-9884-PM


3. When you have found the lead you want to request a meeting with, click on their name or image to navigate to their profile page.

4. On the profile page, navigate to the meeting request window and click on the View As drop down menu to select the team member you want to request the meeting for. You will now be acting on behalf of the team member.5-4

5. Fill out the rest of the meeting details and click send to send the meeting request.

6. Alternatively, in the Teams section, click on Meetings and then Create Meeting to create meetings directly in your team calendar. Tip - If you can't see the team member in the drop down menu, they may not be registered and you can invite them to the platform. If the team member has already been invited to the platform but is still not appearing, they may not have logged in yet.

Reviewing your team's meeting requests

All team meetings and meeting requests can be viewed in the Teams section either in list or calendar form.

In list view, accepted meeting requests will show as confirmed. Meeting requests that have not been accepted will show as awaiting response.

In calendar view, click on a meeting or meting request to view more information.7-Nov-09-2023-12-28-26-6383-PM

Grip Tip - The Filter By section on the left hand side of the page allows you to filter your team's meeting requests by status and by team member.