How to scan badges and export them

The badge scanning functionality is an integral part of the Grip platform. You have to use the event’s mobile application to scan another event attendee’s badge via your device’s camera, while exporting data can be done via the web platform, assuming that you are permitted to do so by the event organizer.


In this article, we'll cover:



How to scan a badge in the app

Step 1: Login and then navigate to the "More" section.



Step 2: Within the "More" section, locate and select "QR / Badge Scanner."



Step 3: The Scanning Process 

Tapping "Badge Scanner" opens your camera. Ensure you grant the app permission to access your camera. The scanning process unfolds as follows:

  • The app continually scans as long as the camera is active. Position a badge in front of the camera to initiate the scan.

  • The app indicates a successful scan with a green box surrounding the code.

  • Upon a successful scan, you'll receive a confirmation message, and you can tap on the person's name to access their profile.

  • Even if you choose not to access the profile, the scan establishes a connection on the platform. Our app can scan multiple badges simultaneously, and the intuitive design ensures you immediately know when scans have succeeded.

If you encounter a message indicating you lack permission to scan a particular badge, the event organizer may have chosen to restrict this action. It's possible that you belong to different attendee types that are not permitted to interact. If you believe this is incorrect, kindly contact the organizer.

It's crucial to note that scans are also stored locally on your device. This means that even if you scan someone without an internet connection, the data will be saved and uploaded to the platform when you regain connectivity.





Viewing Your Scan Lists and Exporting Badge Scans

a. My Scan List in the App

This section provides an overview of the individuals you've scanned. Although you can't directly export data from the app, you can typically do so, including email and phone numbers, from the web platform.

b. Scanned by List

This list features the names of attendees who have scanned your badge.


Exporting Your Badge Scans

The event's configuration determines whether you can export the list of scanned individuals and those who've scanned your badge. To check this, log in to the web portal. You can easily do this by locating the email invitation received during event registration and opening the link on a desktop or laptop.

  • For Team Representatives: If you're part of a team or represent a company, all badge scans will be saved as contacts for your team. 

  • For Individual Attendees: If you're attending the event as an individual without team access, the only method to export badge scans is via the Connections export. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you scan a company or an item? 

By scanning a QR code belonging to an exhibitor or a product, you can express interest in obtaining more information about them. This action is akin to "Showing Interest" in the company or item, as opposed to forming a connection. You can easily locate the profiles of all the companies and items you've scanned in your "My 'Interested' List" or "My Scan List."