Inbound Leads

The Inbound Leads section is located within the 'My Team' portal and serves as a valuable resource for exhibitors. It showcases profiles of individuals who have demonstrated interest, connected, or interacted with you, your team members, and/or your company profile. The primary goal of this section is to highlight profiles with a high likelihood of converting into contacts. This includes profiles that are already connected or scheduled for meetings with your team.

In this article, we'll delve into the following:


    Navigating to Inbound Leads

    As a company representative, you should have access to the 'Teams' feature, allowing edits to company details. 

    Note: In rare instances, event organizers may restrict this feature. Refer to platform details for specific information.

    Screenshot 2022-07-20 at 14.44.59


    Inbound Leads qualifications

    To be recognized as an inbound lead, event participants must engage in one or more of the following actions directed toward your Team:

    1. Profile Views:

      • Views of team members' profiles
      • Views of company profile
      • Views of products
    2. Expressed Interest:

      • Showing interest in team members
      • Showing interest in the company profile
      • Showing interest in products
    3. Connections:

      • Establishing connections with team members
      • Establishing connections with the company profile
      • Establishing connections with products
    4. Scheduled Meetings:

      • Acceptance of meetings with team members
      • Acceptance of meetings with the company profile
      • Acceptance of meetings with products
    5. Event Engagement:

      • Attendance of sponsored sessions
      • Views of sponsored sessions live streams or video recordings


    Inbound Leads Lists

    The Inbound Leads page comprises three distinct lists:

    1. To Review: This list includes leads on which no action (Interest, Skip, Request Meeting) has been taken.

    2. Reviewed: Leads on which you've performed any of the aforementioned actions are categorized here.

    3. Total Leads: This section encompasses all inbound leads, sorted alphabetically.

    Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 13.31.52

    You can effortlessly switch between these lists by clicking on the boxes presented above the list. These boxes also display the current count of leads for the given type. It's important to note that the only way to transfer leads into the Reviewed list is by taking some form of action on them.

    When you skip a lead, it not only shifts to the Reviewed list (as an action has been taken) but also places the user on your personal My Skip List outside of Teams. This action prevents you from showing interest in this person. If you accidentally skip a lead or have a change of heart, you can "Unskip" it, relocating it back to the To Review column and enabling you to show interest once again.


    Inbound Leads table views

    • To access the interactive view of your leads, simply click on the icon featuring nine dots. This will enable a dynamic and customizable display, providing you with more control over your lead management.Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 13.23.02

    • Utilize the features to filter, sort, and categorize your leads according to your preferences. This allows for a personalized view, making it more efficient to identify and focus on specific leads. leads_interactive_table.gif


    Lead notes

    Adding notes to event participant profiles and leads enhances collaboration among colleagues, facilitating information sharing before and during the event. This feature aids in personalized follow-ups with leads and other profiles post-event.

    Key Features:

    1. Note Addition:

      • Team Members can add notes to other users' profiles, visible to colleagues in their Team.
      • Assign star rating scores to leads.
      • Tag colleagues in notes (@person) for email notifications.
    2. Viewing Lead Notes:

      • Inbound Leads Section:
        • Navigate to 'Inbound Leads' under 'My Team.'
        • Click 'View Lead Notes' at the bottom of each event participant's profile for annotations and updates.Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 13.10.19
      • Profile Details Page:
        • Click 'View Lead Notes' under an event participant's name on their profile page.
        • Ensure the individual qualifies as a lead for notes to appear.Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 13.11.30
      • Contacts Table:
        • In 'My Team,' select 'Contacts.'
        • Click the settings cog on a contact's profile, then 'View Lead Notes.'Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 13.12.33
    3. Scoring Leads:

      • Click 'View Lead Notes' to assign or update a lead score.
      • Stars represent the scoring system.
      • Automatic notes track score changes for team members to review.
      • Refer to our knowledge base for an in-depth guide on lead scoring.Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 13.19.57

    4. Tagging Team Members:

      • Use '@person' in notes to tag team members.
      • Team members receive email notifications.Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 13.21.23



    Do all team members have the same number of inbound leads?

    Yes, the same number of inbound leads is generated for all team members based on the above-mentioned criteria. This means that the number of leads on a total list should stay the same among all team members; the different numbers will occur on 'To be reviewed' and 'Reviewed' lists depending on the users' actions.


    Do my team colleagues count as inbound leads?

    No, team colleagues don't count as inbound leads.


    Can I export lead notes?

    Yes, lead notes will be exported with contacts. 


    If a company profile gets viewed/interested before the team is created by a representative logging in, will this be found in inbound leads when the representative does log in and generate the team?

    • Views will not be visible 
    • Interests will not be visible 
    • Meetings will be visible 
    • Badge Scans will be visible